Young Genius
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Speech and Debate Academy
Saratoga - Coastside  (Half Moon Bay-Pacifica) 

Young Genius Middle School Debate Academy is now the #1 Nationally Ranked Middle School Debate Program according the National Forensic League.

2014 Public Forum State Champions with their Three Diamond Award Coach Don Heinsohn

 Some of our students are graduating this school year, so we have some open spots on Young Genius Speech & Debate Team. 
To join our 2014-2015 speech and debate courses and  compete on our team
please  contact us


About Us  

Bay Area Speech and Debate Academy conducts one of the most renowned Speech and Debate programs in the Bay Area. Our classes prepare students to compete in Middle and High School tournaments held around the Bay Area and nation. We teach all speech and debate formats used in local and national competitions. Although we encourage our students to participate in tournaments, it is not necessary.

Also Young Genius is a chapter of a non profit organization, National Junior Forensics League (NJFL). The NJFL allows students to accumulate valuable points for their high school and college applications.

Bay Area Speech and Debate Academy in affiliation with Young Genius Educational Center is offering classes for K-12 students at our centers and is providing outsource coaching at local schools.
Our Speech and Debate Program is designed for individuals of all levels and experiences. We offer classes in a variety of speech/debate formats like Public Forum, Lincoln/Douglas, Congressional Debate, Extemporaneous Speech, Parliamentary debate, Impromptu speech, Original Oratory speech and Interpretation speeches.
Our teachers are well known and highly respected individuals within their fields.
A Harvard professional designs and teaches our writing programs.

We are not a corporation or a franchise.  We are a family run business and we offer the highest quality instruction with personalization and accessibility.  We genuinely love what we do and we believe it shows.

The “Common Core” is replacing STAR  test in 2014!

Beginning in 2014-15 students in California will no longer be taking the STAR tests.  They will be measured by assessments using the Common Core Standards.  What does this mean?  No more bubble in tests of only knowledge, but tests that measure critical thinking, advocacy writing, research skills, questioning of assumptions and even public speaking.

There is only one activity your student can participate in which provides instruction in every single Common Core standard.  That activity is Debate.

 While we believe debate to be the most single valuable skill students can acquire in school, now the entire educational establishment has come to see things our way. Minh Luong, an Associate Director at Yale University and others, say that debate is the most significant extracurricular activity on college applications, and now debate has become the single activity which can prepare your student for the latest educational reform.

And unlike schools all over the country struggling to rewrite curriculum and change their instructional methodology to deal with the Common Core, we have been doing it for decades.  Debate is an off the shelf turnkey application for Common Core mastery.

      No classes during  Thanksgiving break, November 24-30th and Christmas break, December 22-January 4.

      September 28 2014 we are opening 2 new debate classes for 6-8 grade students at Saratoga office . Register

  Outsource speech and debate coaching can be available at school. Please contact us to bring Young Genius to
          your campus for after-school programs.
  Weekend 2014-2015 Classes

         Times             Location                 Class                          Teacher           Enrollment 
Saturdays  9:00 - 11:00am   Saratoga Office            Lincoln Douglas                       Julian Crown             3 spots open 
6-7 graders 
Saturdays  9:00 - 11:00am   Saratoga Office     Congressional Debate           Don Heinsohn                Full 
6-7 graders 

Saturdays 9:00-11:00pm       Saratoga Office   Congressional Debate and Speech     Taisia Dubinina                        OPEN  
4-5 graders

Saturdays  11:00 - 1:00pm    Saratoga Office         Lincoln Douglas                 Julian Crown                   Full 
7-8 graders 

Saturdays  11:00 - 1:00pm    Saratoga Office         Public Forum                      Don Heinsohn                Full 

7-8 graders 

Saturdays  11:00 -1:00pm   Saratoga Office   Elementary Speech & Writing  Taisia Dubinina                Open    
4-5 graders

Saturdays  2:00 - 4:00pm     Saratoga Office  Speech and  Congressional Debate  Taisia Dubinina            Open         
4-5 graders

Saturdays 2:00 - 4:00pm      Saratoga Office        Advanced Lincoln Douglas                         Don Heinsohn        Full 
HS students  

Saturdays 2:00 - 4:00pm   Saratoga Office        Congressional Debate          Julian Crown                  Full 
6-7 grade

Saturday   4:00 - 6:00pm    Saratoga Office   Competitive speech                     Taisia Dubinina                Open  
6-8 grade

Saturdays 4:00 - 6:00pm    Saratoga Office          Lincoln-Douglas Debate             Julian Crown             Full 
7-8 graders
Saturdays 4:00 - 6:00pm    Saratoga Office                  Public Forum                       Don Heinsohn            Full 
7-8 graders

Saturdays 6:00 - 8:00pm   Saratoga Office Advanced HS Lincoln Douglas  
Don Heinsohn /TBD  OPEN 9-11grade

Saturdays  6:00 - 8:00pm  Saratoga Office  Competitive Speech
and Congress Taisia Dubinina Open   8-10 grade

Sunday      3:30-5:30pm    Congressional/Lincoln Douglas  Debate   
Mariel Cruz   Opening on September 28   6-8 grade

Sunday  3:30-5:30pm   Congressional/Lincoln Douglas 
Mariel Cruz  is opening September 28     6-8 grade

Weekday Classes 

Days    Times           Location              Class             Teacher    Enrollment

Wednesdays   1:15 -2:45pm     Don Callejon  School           Speech/congressional debate   
Vince Rosato       FULL 
4-5 grade

Wednesdays   4:00 -6:00pm     Saratoga Office                     Lincoln Douglas  Debate        Julian Crown                  Open
8-10 grade

Wednesdays   6:00 -8:00pm      Saratoga Office    Lincoln Douglas Debate                         Julian Crown  
6-8 grade
Wednesdays   6:45 -8:45pm   Saratoga Office   Advanced Public Forum Debate  
Don Heinsohn         1 spot open 
for Lynbrook HS    

Thursdays       4:00 -6:00pm          Saratoga Office
   Advanced Congressional debate      
Julian Crown    1 spot open         
6-8 grade

Thursdays       6:00 -8:00pm          Saratoga Office   Advanced   Lincoln/Douglas Debate    Julian Crown    1 spot open 
6-8 grade

Thursday 6:00 -8:00pm         Coastal Office                    TBD                    Don Heinsohn        Waiting list
6-8 grade

All of the classes listed are group class (no more than 8 students in any one class). Our philosophy is that students are able to learn speech/debate better in an environment where they are able to exchange ideas with their peers but still be able to receive individual attention from their coach.


  No classes during  Thanksgiving break, November 24-30th and Christmas break, December 22-January 4.

Bay Area Debate Academy in Media and Publications

Young Genius Speech and Debate Team is renowned around the SF Bay Area. The team and its members have been featured in online and local (featured in M Magazine) publications and even TV programs.

Young Genius has built an exceptional team that brings in more wins then its older High School opponents. Click Here to read more about our accomplishments in the Los Gatos Patch article.

Young Genius Debate Team
was featured on 7 Live, ABC Studios.


Currently Young Genius runs a TV show on KSAR-15 every Thursday from 5 to 6pm, where our staff and educational program coordinators share additional information and reveal insights about our programs.
If you missed the show you can watch an excerpt below: